Distrowatch Top 5 Distributions Review: Linux Mint


If you’ve done any research into the Linux world you’ll no doubt have heard of Linux Mint. Linux Mint is rated number four on the popular rankings site, Distrowatch, based on number of hits to the Distrowatch page for the OS, not based on actual downloads / user-base. Check out my previous reviews of Manjaro, MX Linux and EndeavourOS.

For those who haven’t heard of Linux Mint, it’s a super popular distribution based off Ubuntu, that is commonly argued between the two for which one is the best distribution for new users. Linux Mint has plenty of friendly GUI tools, a strong and helpful community, and 99% of Ubuntu documentation is also applicable to Linux Mint, so troubleshooting your own issues is significantly easier to research than some other, lesser-known distributions.

Linux Mint comes in three flavours, utilizing different Desktop Environments such as:

For this installation I opted for the Cinnamon flavour of Linux Mint, since there is no…

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