‘Distressing’ car number plate scams on the rise with new changes – expert advice


According to Metro Bank, there has been a rise in purchase scams around car sales, finance and leasing, especially as new number plates launch in September. Purchase scams can take many forms, but the release of new car licence plates drives an increase in scams around the sale and finance/leasing of vehicles as this is a key buying month for UK drivers.

Criminals will entice drivers with best deal offers often advertised on auction sites, such as eBay and Gumtree, or via social media.

In reality, these best deal cars do not exist; the criminals steal the images from genuine sellers to convince potential buyers that they have the vehicle.

Sometimes criminals may use cloned websites with slight changes to the URL to trick buyers into thinking they are purchasing from a genuine website.

Buyers are not the only ones being duped as drivers looking to lease/finance a vehicle are also targeted.

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