Dissecting the sizzling, but shifting Fredericksburg area real estate market | Home & Garden


On the flip side of the transaction, for sellers, Taylor notes that the quality of offers has not wavered, but, given the evolving market and notion of “buyer fatigue,” that the quantity of offers has noticeably declined. Even with the shift to fewer offers, sellers continue to see offers at above asking price with minimal contingencies.

“It is still an exceptional time to be a seller,” says Taylor. “If you are not planning to be in your home three to five years down the line, you should consider selling now and take advantage of the current seller’s market.”

For anyone considering selling a home amid the current market, the natural and totally understandable question becomes: OK, well, how can all this work out if I’m selling my current home and then need to find a new home?

This scenario, among several others, is where the “seller to find home of choice contingency” becomes your very good friend. With this contingency built into an…

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