Did You Get A Call From Molly At Amazon About Credit Charges?


Let’s start out by stating the obvious:  There isn’t a Molly and she doesn’t work at Amazon.  Well – okay – maybe her name is Molly, but she certainly doesn’t work for the popular online shopping website.  The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers about a new round of would-be phone scammers who are trying to solicit information from unsuspecting individuals.  And,  the scam seems to have made it’s way to banks of phone numbers assigned out to Twin Ports residents.

The would-be scam works like this:  You get a phone call from an unfamiliar (or sometimes, unlisted) phone number.  When you answer the call there is usually a pause, followed by “Molly” introducing herself:  “Hi, this is Molly from Amazon.com. I want to speak with you about charges in the amount of (fill in the blank – usually a staggeringly-high dollar amount) to your Amazon account”.  You’re then prompted to press a number to talk to someone or a phone…

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