Delta Police offer tips to not get scammed


Cyber criminals and scam artists are always open for business looking for every angle they can find to locate their next victim.

March is cybercrime awareness month โ€“ a good time to highlight some scams making the rounds in Delta.

It was with this in mind that the Optimist recently had a chat with Const. Dustin Classen from the Cybercrime Unit of Delta Police who offered his insights.

Scam calls, be it an automated call in other languages, tend to hit residentsโ€™ phone numbers several times a day, he says.

โ€œItโ€™s just an added warning to the residents of Delta to not respond to these calls, but even just answering these calls can put you on a list where you end up getting more contact from the scammers,โ€ Classen said. โ€œSome of these calls are designed to scam you out of your personal identification or your money, but some of these calls are strictly designed to see if someone picks up. You will have an autodialler wherever it is…

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