defence: Pakistan using terror as a tool in Afghansitan: Defence minister Rajnath Singh | India News

NEW DELHI: Slamming Pakistan’s support to violent radical groups in the region, defence minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the developments in Afghanistan have raised questions about power politics and use of terrorism as a tool to change state structures.
Addressing the National Defence College here, Singh said there is growing realisation of India’s concerns over Pakistan’s support to radical and terror groups.
“The turmoil caused in the region has been brought about by aggressive designs and the active support to non-state players by irresponsible states,” he said.
He said there was an urgent need to draw lessons from the developments in Afghanistan, where the Taliban swiftly seized control of the entire country after the withdrawal of US-led forces.
“The only certainty about evolving geopolitics is its uncertainty. Changes in state boundaries may not be as frequent today. However, the fast-transforming structure of states and the…

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