Deepwater Horizon was an important point for this oceanographer-Technology News, Firstpost


Early in the morning of April 21, 2010, oceanographer Samantha Joy received a nasty email from a research partner in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The usual trip to sample water and sediment from the seabed has instead turned into a disaster site. Smoke eruptions swirl from a distance, her colleague writes. Coast Guard boats study They were high-tailed by the ship. They returned to the harbor and knotted Joye’s intestines, which would last for months.

The team soon got a BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon Just an explosion killed 11 oil workers and left more than 200 million gallons of toxic oil swirling around the bay, causing the largest accident in history to cause a marine oil spill.

BP’s oil rig, called Deepwater Horizon, exploded, making it the most serious oil spill ever. Image Credit “Ideum-Idea + Media / Flickr

It was also the most serious oil spill to date, most of which originated from wellheads about a mile below the seafloor. A few…

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