Dear Abby: How can I rescue elderly friend from online scammers?


DEAR ABBY: My friend “Lois” is in her 70s. She met a man on a dating site several years ago. I warned her he was a romance scammer, but she kept talking to him. She even sent him a few hundred dollars.

Since then, she has been talking to more than one stranger who I’m pretty sure are scammers as well. I suspect she’s sending them money, too. Lois lives on Social Security, but sometimes comes into small windfalls from a stimulus or the sale of items.

She has been in a relationship with a man she lives with for several years. When I asked her how she would like it if he were doing the same thing, Lois told me she would stop. Now I see she is friends with three or four more strange men on Facebook! I don’t know them, but they sometimes “like” things I post. (I will have to change my settings so that strangers can’t see my posts.)

What’s wrong with her? Does she like to pretend she is rich? They keep sending…

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