Deace: The mob comes for Joe Rogan


Danger! “Threat level: Trumpian!” has been issued for another person of diverse views who dares to have a contrarian opinion — this time Joe Rogan.

Like Trump, Rogan’s fame came through things that have nothing to do with our current political climate. Trump was a real estate mogul and NBC television personality. Rogan also got his start at NBC, where he was an actor on the hit series “NewsRadio,” then hosted “Fear Factor.” He then broke out as the face of MMA.

Both built brands that others raced to attach themselves to without apology. MSNBC basically made sure that Donald Trump was a front-runner for president whether that was his initial intention for running or not, and the digital platform Spotify made Joe Rogan’s hit podcast its tent pole for relevance.

Then Rogan did the totally unacceptable, as did Trump. He insisted on being his own man.

None of this means these guys are carbon copies of one another, or that their opinions or ways of doing things are always agreeable or right. But it raises the question of how someone who obviously has entertained people on both sides of the aisle can suddenly become “literally Hitler.”

I mean, for any actual grown-up, shouldn’t it be viewed as weird bordering on insane that the same people who once defended diversity and tolerance as cardinal virtues now need to cancel anybody and everybody who doesn’t celebrate their inner pronoun or other idol du jour?

The latest example involves Rogan’s refusal to bow to what former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson calls “The Vaccine Church.” Essentially, these are sheeple who believe that unless you want everyone vaccinated for everything everywhere instantly with no questions asked, you’re “anti-vax.” Even, as is the current case with the COVID vaccines, when they’re not yet FDA-approved. To dare to demand informed consent, once a bedrock of American medicine, means you’re “anti-vax.”

Of course, currently there is no higher-profile anti-vaxxer in America than their own shaman, Anthony Fauci, who continues to publicly cast doubt on the efficacy of