DEA scam tries to get victims to fork over cash to get back identity


DENVER (KDVR) — When Kyle Forristall answered his phone, he panicked.

He told FOX31 a woman who identified herself as a DEA agent notified him that his identity had been stolen and used to commit federal crimes in his name.

In order to remove the charges, Forristall was told he must convert $5,000 into cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and pay a designated official.

Forristall said he quickly checked out the phone number the woman provided for the U.S. Marshal Service and found it to be the actual number on the website, so he believed what she told him.

“They kept threatening, you know, ‘If you don’t comply, we’re going to call the cops,’” he said.

The scammers even had a phony case and badge numbers.

The real DEA tells the Problem Solvers this scam originated on the east and west coasts but is now moving…

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