Cybercriminals Are Running Scams On Facebook Accounts And Buying Up Ads Using Their Card Details / Digital Information World

Cybercriminals are hacking other Facebook accounts and running advertisements with stolen money.

Frauds and scams on the internet. What else is new, right? Typically scammers and criminals conduct their illicit behavior in the interest of financial gain. Phishing attacks, identity fraud, and other such behavior is a direct result of the perpetrators wanting to gain some monetary benefit, either helping them out of tough times or making good times even better. However, the internet is both the birthplace and current residence of modern day trolls. They’ve migrated from bridges to social media platforms, often engaging in behavior that’s less harmful and more racist and annoying. Then again, every now and then, we get trolls that are a bit more ambitious with what they try to conduct, and a little more daring with how they do it.

This is a fact that digital marketer Loni Mayse became intimately familiar with one random morning, where she noticed that 10…

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