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29 On The Two Factors That Drive Crypto Adoption

For those of us immersed within the cryptocurrency space, it’s easy to think that mass adoption is near a tipping point. Especially when you consider that Aston Kutcher and Vitalik Buterin’s Stoner Cat NFT animated series sold out in less than 40 minutes, we must be close to widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency, right?

Well, not quite.

A global consumer survey covering 74 nations conducted by Statista last year, found that in the top 11 countries, an average of only 13% of individuals own or have used cryptocurrencies.

Here’s the breakdown by country.

Based on this graph, we are still witnessing the early ascendence of crypto.

According to Steve Gregory, CEO, U.S. region, the main reason for this lagging acceptance for digital assets is the fear, uncertainty, and doubt – better known as FUD – that seems to dominate mainstream media coverage…

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