Cryptocurrency Trading: What Are Some of the Red Flags and How to Spot Them


Cryptocurrency world has several red flags. In fact, with a rise in the popularity of digital currencies, scams and unreliable projects have increased. Amateur investors can often fall for these traps. So, how do we spot these red flags? D-core, a firm of blockchain analysts and researchers, has some answers. It recommends investing in a coin only after a rigorous check of factual information. And if you sniff danger in a project, better avoid it. Leaving it on a trial-and-error method isn’t going to help much in the long term.

Fundamental analysis is required to make the right choices. Every aspect, from the world’s economy and crypto market trends to a project’s team, needs to be kept in mind to spot red flags.

In a blogpost, D-core has highlighted a few “resources for success”. The post also added that “predictions in cryptocurrency seldom work”, and asked investors to, therefore, “look for red flags”.

The company even highlighted 3 main…

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