Cryptocurrency and NFT Market Growth Continues, Regulators Across Globe Target Crypto Industry as Threats Continue, Global Blockchain Survey Published | BakerHostetler

[co-author: Lauren Bass]

Crypto Market Develops in DeFi, Payments, Compliance and Consumer Adoption

By Veronica Reynolds and Robert A. Musiala Jr.

A large institutional financial and media conglomerate recently announced a partnership with a major financial services and investment management company that specializes in digital assets, with the two companies offering the public the opportunity to invest in a decentralized finance (DeFi) index. Uniswap, Aave, Maker and Compound are a few of the DeFi protocols included in the index. The financial services and investment management company also announced its new DeFi Index Fund – its own separate “passively managed fund tracking the performance of DeFi.”

This week, Chainalysis introduced the Chainalysis Global DeFi Adoption Index, “a new geographic index ranking countries by DeFi adoption” that focuses on “grassroots adoption by individuals, rather than those sending…

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