Croatian property market: ‘Gap between asking and sale price of real estate increasing’


Brač (Photo: Perica Oreskovic/Unsplash)

ZAGREB, 25 Nov (Hina) – The gap between the asking price and that achieved for real estate is widening, with owners having increasingly unrealistic expectations, it was heard on Wednesday at the 33rd real estate forum organised by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK).

The president of HGK’s association for real estate business, Dubravko Ranilović, said that the real estate market is very dynamic but quite varied and polarised.

He underscored that turnover in some coastal counties and the City of Zagreb was three to four times greater than in the rest of Croatia, and added that there were some areas where turnover was low yet the price of real estate was exceptionally low.

“The price of some types of real estate is growing while for others it isn’t. The price is increasing in some parts of Croatia, yet in others it isn’t,” he…

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