Cove Markets Is Pioneering The Way Forward For Bitcoin Trading


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A new platform demonstrating unique value in the Bitcoin space, Cove Markets enables customers to manage accounts with multiple exchange platforms and aggregate huge amounts of data, ensuring the optimum experience to help traders and investors work at their best.

Although the past year has been a wildly successful year for the world’s number-one cryptocurrency, the volatility has been intense and tough to navigate at times. Traders witnessed that volatility last year during the COVID-19 outbreak and again this week. In fact, on Wednesday, fluctuations in bitcoin’s price were so extreme that there was a difference of more than $1,000 between exchanges at certain times. How can a trader manage that risk? For starters, they can look at the True Price, calculated by Cove Markets, which is a more accurate reflection of what bitcoin’s price actually is based on liquidity across the various exchanges.