Counterfeit Sales Expected to Spike This Holiday Shopping Season


According to Red Points holiday e-commerce guide, which looks at how counterfeiting changes during the holiday season, the increase in online shoppers has created a larger pool of consumers at risk for purchasing fake items. The survey revealed that 56 percent of consumers believe they have purchased a fake item during the holiday season.

Research from the company found that 58 percent of U.S. consumers are planning to spend more this year while online shopping than they did in 2020, for an average increase of $265. And congruently, the survey found consumers are choosing quality over price. In fact, while consumers ranked price as the most important factor during holiday shopping in 2020, both product reviews and ratings and brand reputation were found to be more important this year.

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Meanwhile, a heavy amount of shopping will happen online this holiday season with 72 percent of consumers saying they plan on shopping at…

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