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West Seattle Bridge Update

Work Continues on the West Seattle Bridge Repair.

The final structural concrete pour is now curing, a 28-day process. While the concrete is curing, post-tensioning ducts in the south girder are being installed and the contractor and design engineer are finalizing the placement for the post-tensioning ducts in the north girder.  Once locations are confirmed, the contractor will place the steel cables that comprise the post-tensioning system through the ducts in the newly poured deviator and anchor blocks.  Once the ducts and steel cable are placed and after the concrete has cured, the cables will be tightened or “tensioned” to compress the concrete and strengthen it.  The post-tensioning work will update the bridge to current standards.

Tensioning will be followed by a final phase of carbon-fiber wrapping in the middle area of the end spans.

In addition, other work that will be completed before…

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