Cottage Grove Sentinel | Building a Digital Defense Against Holiday Travel Scams


Time is drawing short, and your partner really wants to go visit family for the holidays. You really don’t want to spend a week living with the in-laws so you start doing some research on rentals.

You find a great deal on a place with availability when you need it. Sounds awesome – if it is legitimate.

Scammers can easily pull images from reputable sites and create a new listing of their own. You are asked to pay by a cash transfer app, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency, and everything is fine until you show up and find your rental is a just another racket.

Third party airline and hotel booking sites can present their own risks. You get an email or see a social media post about some cheap tickets or rooms. You click and immediately jump on the deal. Soon you receive a request for more info such as bank account details to confirm the agreement. You have just been triple-whammied. You will lose your money, you likely downloaded malware onto your…

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