Coronavirus Gift Card Scammer Fails To Fool Sterling Resident


STERLING, VA — A Sterling resident contacted the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday after receiving a Facebook message about a program called the Coronavirus Financial Assistance Program.

A person had reached out to the resident through Facebook Messenger about an opportunity to pay money using gift cards to obtain relief funds from the so-called Coronavirus Financial Assistance Program, the sheriff’s office said Thursday.

The resident realized it was a possible scam and did not provide any gift card information. The resident then contacted the sheriff’s office on Wednesday to report the attempted scam.

Other residents have not been as fortunate. Some have given perpetrators gift card information or access to their bank accounts before realizing they had been the target of a scam.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has seen an uptick in complaints about scams involving attempts to collect money. The…

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