Corb blimey, Labour excuses are all at sea – perhaps both sides desperate to lose – Mark Steel


The most important thing for Labour now is to move forward – by all its members screaming at each other: “The leader YOU like is even more useless than the leader I like. So it’s YOUR fault.”

Perhaps both halves of Labour are trying to lose.

When the anti-Corbyn wing of the party said after the General Election “We must never have another night like this again”, maybe they meant “because we still won Hartlepool and we need to get rid of that.”

For example, Peter Mandelson was asked why Labour lost, and said “Covid and Corbyn.” That’s quite an achievement for Corbyn, to lose elections more than a year after he stood down.

I think Mandelson is wrong – it’s Harold Wilson who’s to blame, along with Henry the Eighth.

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