Conspiracy against me by business partners


After the celebrity car designer, Dilip Chhabria was revealed on bail almost four months after his arrest in multiple cases, he has now released an official statement. Chhabria has released a statement to explain his side of the story. He said that it is all a conspiracy against him, which is made by some conniving partners and authorities.

In the statement released by Chhabria, he pins the blame on his ex-partner and co-investor in DC Designs Pvt Ltd (DCDPL). The partner is named Kiran Mulchand had a controlling stake in the firm and owned 52% shares in the company. Chhabria claims that Mulchand assured him to infuse Rs 150 crores in DCDPL to help the company manufacture sports cars.

The official statement reads,

Mr Kiran Mulchand, after acquiring the position of Director in DCDPL, sold four Avanti cars to himself in 2016 under the supervision of erstwhile CFO…

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