Concerned About Phishing and Smishing Attacks? PKI Can Help.


Just about everyone is familiar with the concept of “phishing” attacks. Scammers and cybercriminals have been using them for nearly as long as email has been around, sending thousands (even millions) of emails designed to trick recipients into giving away money, personal information, or other valuables. Phishing was one of the earliest cyberattacks based on social engineering, targeting not a weakness in the security or network infrastructure itself, but the humans using and supporting it.

Ask most people and they will say they think they are smart enough to sniff out a phishing email. However, phishing remains popular because it still works—after all, humans are prone to human error, and attackers only need a handful of victims to fall for the scam out of the millions of people they target.

For IT and business leaders looking to help their employees—and thus their organizations—avoid becoming the next victims, Public Key Infrastructure…

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