‘Con Artist Vigilante’ helping Boynton Beach woman pursue justice


Florida continues to be ranked among the top states for cases of fraud, and seniors are often the target, according to a report by the FTC.

Many seniors might think if they believe they are the victim of a scam, reporting it to the police will lead to immediate action.

But one woman in Boynton Beach is finding out how slow and difficult the process is — and getting the police to take your case seriously may be half the battle.

Now, in her fight to get justice and her money back, she is getting help from someone across the country, a man who calls himself a “con artist vigilante.”


Johnathan Walton is a former journalist, now a reality show producer in Los Angeles, who found himself living through what seemed like a true-crime thriller story of his own.

In 2013, he met a woman who called herself Mair Smyth. She pretended to be Irish royalty and claimed she was set to inherit $5 million.


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