‘Complete container misalignment’ is clearly hindering on U.S. economy


The supply chain crisis is likely to hit holiday season given the immense backlog that’s still unresolved, one expert said, and the current state of the labor market isn’t helping.

Supply chains have been bogged down for weeks with bottlenecks in shipping and labor shortages in trucking, causing massive delays in moving goods across borders. Many experts expressed concerns that the delays could lead also to elevated inflation.

“Let’s look at the math: It’s 14 days to get a container from APAC to the U.S. and 40 days for it to get back,” Coresight Research Founder & CEO Deborah Weinswig explained on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “And we have a complete container misalignment right now. So that’s 80 days, we’re talking, in our opinion β€” we’re probably looking at Q1 2023 before all of those containers get back and realign.”

A cargo ship arrives into New York Harbor on October 6, 2021 in New York City. Global supply chain disruptions have continued to…

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