Community viewpoint: Understanding the U.S. economy | Columnists


What I think they mean is that the increases will slow down; but why should they? OPEC is now back in charge of fuel prices. Higher wages will force every business that has not yet raised prices to raise theirs. Inflation has already forced a rise in Social Security (however, not enough to match inflation). The same dynamics will force increases in every poverty program.

Supply chain

Biden believes that of the inflation problem is caused by the inability to keep the store shelves stocked. This is a part of the problem; but why? The president believes it is because the economy is so strong. The fact is that there are several issues at play. For many months, the federal government was paying many dollars to the unemployed in addition to state unemployment dollars.

This caused two things to happen. First, it meant in some cases it harmed the family’s income to even look for work. Without workers, businesses could not provide services or manufacture…

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