Commodity Markets Discussion with Chad Hart | News


(KMAland) — The corn crop in Iowa is better than expected and it shows. The soybeans are pretty good, too. Chad Hart, Iowa State University Extension Agricultural Economist says harvest in Iowa is going well.

 Like most the rest of the country, it’s been a little bit ahead of average, a little bit behind what we saw last year in terms of the speed at which we’re moving, but the yields have been much better than what we saw last year. We’re looking at USDA’s estimated at 201 bushels per acre on the corn side. A lot of the data that I’m hearing from farmers would suggest, yep, that’s probably a pretty good number. We’re seeing similar strength as we look at the soybeans across the state. Good yields have been coming in despite some of the weather problems that we had.”

As for commodity markets, Hart says the market is…

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