Column: Part Two; Intervention and Immigration: Geopolitics in Transition


The Original cold war: radical democracy vs.reactionary monarchy in Europe

The Anglo-French contest – most definitely not a cold war – grabbing for power all around the world, acquired a very different complexion when revolutionary France became the first modern democratic republic with radical Jacobin ideology it wished to spread worldwide. The war of 1756-63 was quite unlike this next Anglo-French round of hostilities. Now Britain’s army was heavily engaged fighting inside Europe.

The USA, also a revolutionary republic, had had no intention to carry republican radicalism throughout Europe in an imperialist crusade, but Napoleonic France did just that, and the British organized Austria, Prussia, Russia, Spain, and Portugal to accomplish the French Empire’s ultimate overthrow. It was a crowning British win.

From 1815 to 1848, a cold war of Monarchy against Republicanism was evident in Europe; France was not a republic in this period, but a…

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