COLUMN: Alongside climate threat, add lethal change in geopolitical atmosphere


Almost everything in your life, reader, is poised on a threshold of change. War does that.

War is back. One man decided it. Deterrence failed. He calculated that expected gain outweighed potential cost, and that there was a military solution to his political problem. He believes what he believes and no one has access to his thoughts. His thoughts are the ultimate cause for the war.

To explain War, never underestimate one-person Rule

Why is this war the doing of one single individual, Vladimir Putin? How does he have such power?

It might be the oldest fact in human politics, from the start of human history. One man – yes, males must shoulder this peculiar gendered defect – starts a war by his will alone. Putin and Sargon the Great or the Egyptian Pharaoh are the same phenomenon though five thousand years separate them. The rule of one man over millions of his fellows enables war.

Why is Russia ruled by one man’s will? This is an enormous…

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