College is a scam – Massachusetts Daily Collegian


If you’re trying to land a job, look past the required college curriculum

Ana Pietrewicz / Daily Collegian

College is a big, fat scam. I come from a family of educated people, and my relatives with doctorates and masters outnumber the obsolete bachelor’s degree-holder. That same degree that once promised a leg up is now worth job security at best. I see first-hand, at family dinners and networking opportunities just how much my college education is being put to use; spoiler, it’s not much.

I should mention that while I’ve had some great professors at the University of Massachusetts, very few have prepared me for the type of work I completed at my corporate internship in New York City. It’s a different culture in “the real world” and what makes sense here means nothing there and vice versa. One thing is shared though, and it’s that success is not hinged on doing what you think you should do.

My gut tells me that I should be going to…

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