Co-host city Zhangjiakou seeks to boost its economy from Beijing 2022


Zhangjiakou, the co-host city of Beijing 2022 Winter Games, is rich in tourism resources and has more Great Wall sections in the country with a nickname “Great Wall Museum”.

Located in about 200 kilometers northwest of the Chinese Capital, this city of Hebei province will be a key venue hub in 2022 Winter Games.

It is due to host all the snow events except alpine skiing along with bobsleigh, luge and skeleton during the Games early next year.

With the around 7 month ahead of the Beijing 2022, Zhangjiakou has finished all the major construction work for all the venues and currently the major task for the local organizers is to speed up the final preparations.

Trees have been planted, new hotels and roads are under final stage of construction,  workers are busy at the building sites or on the production lines.

Winter sports related ice and snow industries and business are now the leader for the local economy which is equipped with a new…

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