CNN's Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo actually defend officer who fatally shot teen girl who swung knife at other females


CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night appeared to defend the officer who fatally shot a teenage girl caught on police bodycam video swinging a knife at other females during a fight in front of a Columbus, Ohio, residence the previous day.

Teen girl swung knife at two people before police fatally shot her, bodycam video shows

— TheBlaze (@TheBlaze)1619015433.0What did Lemon and Cuomo have to say?

TheBlaze regularly takes to task Lemon and Cuomo for radical, leftist commentary they add to the news, but in this instance the pair delivered fair-minded, sober perspectives on the tragic incident, which took place just before the verdict was read in the Derek Chauvin murder trial.

As Cuomo was signing off his program and passing the baton to Lemon, the pair began talking about the shooting. Lemon noted there was a “lot of emotion” and “lot of anguish” about it, but he pivoted and said, “We’ve got to be fair about what happens when police arrive at scenes.”

He explained that despite the fact that the victim was an adolescent, “when police are chasing people, they don’t know how old they are.”

“When they roll up on a scene, they see people tussling around, someone has a knife, and their job is to protect and serve every life on that scene,” Lemon continued. “And if they see someone who is in the process of taking a life … what decision do they have to make?”

They both also countered arguments many have made asserting that the officer could have used a Taser instead of a gun in that situation.

“Tasers don’t work the way guns work,” Lemon offered.

“Not at that distance,” Cuomo noted in agreement. “And not with that amount of time.”

Lemon reminded viewers that Tasters “don’t always connect” — the prongs have to grab the skin correctly in order for the electrical charge to effectively disable a suspect.

‘That’s why I’m not a police officer’

Then Lemon invoked the female who nearly became a victim: “If the woman in the