Clubhouse launches new ‘Music Mode’ feature: Here are the details


Clubhouse has confirmed that it is launching a new Music Mode feature. The mode will improve the experience of playing and listening to live music on the platform. In case you are an artist on Clubhouse, or you enjoy listening to live music, the new Music Mode “optimises Clubhouse to broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound,” as per the company.

Clubhouse has stated that artists will be able to connect professional equipment, like a USB mic or mixing board, and use it while performing and broadcasting the same on the app. Users will be able to turn on Music Mode by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner of a room, selecting Audio Quality, and then choosing Music.

If one wants to listen to the performance, they will be able to easily enjoy music using their headphones, speakers, or the phone itself. The Music Mode feature will be rolling out on iOS first, followed by the feature coming to Android.

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