Cloverland warns members to stay alert of scam calls


DAFTER — As scam calls once again surge across the Eastern Upper Peninsula, Cloverland Electric Cooperative warns business and residential members to stay alert of calls threatening to disconnect electrical service or demanding immediate payment by phone. 

Scam callers identify themselves as representatives from Cloverland Electric and use legitimate (906) area phone numbers to target the cooperative’s business and residential members.

Signs of a scam call include a sense of urgency and actions that do not align with cooperative protocol, including:

  • Threatening to disconnect service if payment is not made immediately by phone
  • Demanding a pre-paid credit card so there is no dispute with the bank
  • A specific name or truck number of the person coming to disconnect service

Members should be aware that Cloverland’s member services team does not take credit card information by phone. Instead, the cooperative uses an automated pay-by-phone system,…

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