Choosing Between Ethereum and Bitcoin Amid Heightened Macroeconomic Risks


Source: Trading View

With assets under management of $23 Billion, GBTC tracks the Bitcoin (BTC) market price and charges fees of 2%. As for ETHE, it covers Ethereum (ETH), exhibits $7.5 billion of assets and carries 2.5% of fees. Both are investment vehicles which have attained the status of an SEC reporting company, with one of their advantages being ability to provide investors with exposure to BTC or ETH in the form of securities while avoiding the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping cryptocurrencies directly.

Coming back to the difference in price actions, this needs to be understood in the context of their individual uses, but, first, I bring some clarifications as to the concept.

Analyzing the cryptocurrency concept

Although the concept of the cryptocurrency shines with its allure, it remains obscure for many people until they hear about its aptitude at providing sky-high gains, and, conversely, also suffering from…

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