Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Most Controversial Moments Ever


Many viewers flock to HGTV shows to get tips on how to perform their own home renovations, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency was quick to act when they discovered that Chip and Joanna Gaines were not safely removing lead paint during episodes of “Fixer Upper.”

In a 2018 statement on its website, the EPA alleged, “Video footage of Magnolia’s renovations of older homes appearing in several seasons of “Fixer Upper” reviewed by EPA did not depict the lead-safe work practices normally required by the [Renovation, Remodeling and Painting Rule].”

In the same statement, the EPA acknowledged that “Magnolia took immediate steps to ensure compliance,” which included paying a $40,000 fine set by the agency. The couple also spoke about the dangers of lead-based paint during a March 2018 episode of “Fixer Upper” and outlined steps that homeowners and professionals must take in order to ensure safe removal of the toxin. An…

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