Chinese regulatory crackdown is about control, not data privacy


China is cracking down on its tech companies to maintain control of businesses and data flow in a time of increasing digital and technological competition with the U.S.

Earlier this month, the Chinese government launched an investigation into Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi, citing national security and cybersecurity concerns, alleging Didi illegally collected personal data. The investigation launched shortly after Didi was listed on the New York Stock Exchange having raised $4.4 billion in its initial public offering, a sign of China’s growing interest in companies filing IPOs.

The Chinese government’s crackdown on domestic tech giants like Didi and other U.S.-listed companies like Boss Zhipin and Full Truck Alliance sends a different message to companies than approaches by the EU or U.S. attempting to rein in global powerhouses like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. China’s message is one of control over businesses, technology and data, said…

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