China’s President Xi leads in the construction of a ‘Great Wall of Immunisation’ – SABC News


The 5th of August 2021 will go down in history as a momentous day in the development of global human solidarity. The day marked the inaugural meeting of the International Forum on Covid-19 Vaccine Cooperation. It took place amid the backdrop of rising concern over what some has come to refer to as “vaccine nationalism”, or vaccine apartheid. Apart from the annihilation of millions of people around the world that the advent of Covid-19 has brought with it since 2019, the pandemic also exposed the often hidden yet glaring socio-economic universal inequities.

As the scramble for the manufacturing of vaccines intensified, it all became an exclusive game for the rich countries to play whilst the poorer nations watched helplessly.

There has been too much Geopolitics clouding what is essentially a health issue – Covid-19. As things stand, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is on track galvanising international cooperation in an effort to undertake…

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