ChinaJoy for gamers as latest technology on display


The ongoing ChinaJoy games conference is showcasing innovations including eSports monitors with record-high refresh rates, AI optimization for broadcasting, and linear motor with vivid and vibration effects.

BOE, China’s biggest display panel maker, has its latest eSports display technologies and products on show.

In Huya’s booth, BOE has a prototype monitor model with a record high 480 Hz refreshing rate, compared with normally up to 120 Hz or 144 Hz. 

eSports display is an important growth engine for the global market. To players, various refreshing rate means different “win or lose” results, said Si Da, vice president of BOE.

BOE has launched products in new techs like higher refresh rates, high-quality image quality, customized configuration and green and health features. For example, BOE has products for eye protection as eSports players often look at screens for more than 10…

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