China wins at sport and geopolitics


China has every reason to celebrate as the Beijing Winter Olympics concluded yesterday.

First, the Chinese team won a record gold medal haul in a Winter Games.

Second, China ranked third in medal counts – ahead of the US – which delighted Chinese viewers.

In the Tokyo Olympics last year, the US was ahead of China by one gold. This time in Beijing, the Chinese overtook the Americans by one medal.

All in all, the Chinese team won nine gold, four silver and two bronze.

On Saturday evening, they bagged their last gold after figure skating duo Han Cong and Cui Wenjing finished with top scores.

That said, there is still a long way to go before China can truly claim to be a powerhouse in winter sports like top players Norway, which finished the Olympics in first place with 16 golds, and Germany in the second spot with 12 golds.

Predictably, this event involved more than athletics. Any mega international event…

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