China crackdown on tutoring sector leads to protests | Business and Economy News


The crackdown exacerbated financial problems for these firms, leading to more protests in any month since January 2019.

By Bloomberg

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s crackdown on the tutoring industry aims to help create a more harmonious society by leveling the education playing field for children across the country, but it’s having the opposite effect early on.

There have been eight protests involving workers in the nation’s education sector so far in August, the most in monthly data compiled by labor watchdog China Labour Bulletin going back to January 2019. There were another two incidents in late July in the days after the overhaul was announced.

One of the protests involved a company in Shanghai that helps students prepare to study overseas whose management fled without paying its employees. Similar episodes were seen in cities such as Beijing, Changsha and Nanjing. The crackdown exacerbated the financial problems many schools…

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