Child Tax Credit scams: IRS warns of thieves trying to steal money and personal information

Less than a week after child tax credit payments began hitting American families’ bank accounts, the IRS is already warning about potential thieves looking to steal the money.

The agency said there are multiple tactics scammers are using through phone, e-mail, text message and social media to obtain recipients’ personal information.

Families should know that any communication offering assistance to sign up for the Child Tax Credit or to speed up monthly payments is likely a scam.

If you do receive unsolicited calls or messages, don’t provide personal information, click on links or open attachments.

Doing so could lead to money loss, tax-related fraud, identity theft, and because you’d have to deal with that, a huge headache.

While scammers may be trying to become more innovative (imagine if they’d put that energy into something productive!), there are still simple ways to know if the IRS is truly trying to contact you.

  • The IRS does not…

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