Child tax credit 2021 update


PARENTS and guardians could see an extra sort of stimulus in 2022 thanks to the Child Tax Credit.

If Democrats manage to extend the program throughout 2022 as part of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, that would mean $600 credits for twelve more months — totaling $7,200.

Some legislators want to extend the benefit for just one more year. Previously, the Biden Administration proposed extending the enhanced credit through 2025, and some lawmakers would even like to see it become permanent, CNBC reported.

Meanwhile, the Child Tax Credit schedule has caused confusion for some parents who are missing their October payment.

For October, most families were slated to get up to $300 in child tax credits per child. You should check with the IRS to be sure your banking and address information is correct and up to date if you haven’t received your October payment.

As for November payments, the opt-out deadline is November 1…

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