ChangeX Building the Case for True Crypto Mass Adoption


Crypto has been with us for more than a decade now. The first years of that decade were the Dark Ages when the light of crypto shone on very few people, and the whole industry was pretty much obscure – not many knew about Bitcoin, what it was, what it did, why it was (and still is) needed, why should they have bought it.

A Ponzi scheme, a pyramid, a scam, illegal – Bitcoin and crypto, in general, were slandered and kicked around, as sadly has been the case with every novelty since, well, forever. Then came 2017 – the massive retail investor-led bull run, which saw new capital pour into the blockchain space and a wave of new adopters enter the market. Winter followed for crypto.

Everything recoiled in 2021 – the most significant push towards mass adoption for crypto in its not-so-long history. Billions of fresh dollars entered the chains, millions of people started buying, trading, and storing crypto, and the…

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