Central Alberta brewery adopts new technology to reduce greenhouse gasses, save thousands of dollars


A brewery in Lacombe is planning to adopt a new carbon dioxide (CO2) capturing technology that will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

When Blindman Brewing co-founder Shane Groendahl, along with his four partners, first opened the brewery in 2015, they had a vision.

“From the beginning, our initiative was to be as eco-friendly as possible at the brewery and to do the right things by the environment as we best can,” Groendahl said.

Last month, the brewery installed 180 solar panels on its roof. Now, the owners are looking to capture CO2, created in the process of making beer, and reuse it.

“We’re trying to make sure that we’re using the electricity and the resources that we have as best as we can, as most efficient as we can, and that’s part of what this CO2 recapture program is all about,” he said.

During the brewing process, brewers take a grain, like malted barley, and extract the sugars from it…

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