CDW Tech Talk: Spearhead a New Way of Working with Leadership and Tech


Technology Can Enable Better Communication for Hybrid Work

“The conditions of today have forced us to get out of the office, and we’ve lost a bit of that face-to-face communication,” Kennedy said. “But what we’ve been able to do is put in place some processes leveraging technology, thereby enabling our people to keep those communication channels open and make sure that they’re being effective so that we can continue to talk about the risks, continue to talk about the delivery as well as how to drive value consistently.”

However, Kennedy cautioned that technology alone can’t solve the communication problems presented by remote and hybrid work environments. “In the end, if you don’t have the strong process and you don’t have the people mapped to that process well, no technology is going to save you,” he said.

“The agile way of working has always called for the ability to be flexible,” he continued. “Today, we see that…

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