Cashaa CEO — Scam Guards


While supporters of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have claimed its superiority over traditional physical currencies time and again, the government of India has not clarified its stand on cryptocurrency until now. Earlier, it even planned to completely ban crypto trading in India. More recently, however, the government is looking at the possibilities of setting up of a new panel to decide on Cryptocurrency regulation. What’s interesting is that though cryptocurrencies operate in a regulatory vacuum in India, its transaction volumes continue to witness a massive surge.

In a recent chat with CXOToday, Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO of Cashaa, and an expert in the crypto market, says that the country has much untapped potential when it comes to cryptocurrencies. With the right crypto regulations, India can become a crypto hub, and lead a digital revolution.

India riding the crypto wave

On the global trends in the crypto…

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