Cartography – Mountains, Land, River


Sometimes seeing the world through different glasses is enough. Or rather, it helps, as advised by the French writer Marcel Proust (1871 – 1922): “The true journey of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing them with new eyes.” English TV journalist Tim Marshall has also noticed this and has taken a closer look at it during his many foreign trips. Along the way, he observed that the Himalayan ranges between China and India, rivers like the Nile, vast plains or deserts like the Sahara had a major influence on political life. He described the relationship in detail in a 2015 bestseller in Germany under the title “The Power of Geography”.

Single source of error for the global system: the container ship “Ever Given” blocked the Suez Canal and world trade with it in March.

(Photo: AP)

This filled a void in the book trade, as there was hardly any literature on geopolitics written in popular…

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