Cannabis business fights ‘ghost owner’ lawsuit after $1M investment to convert chicken farm | Marijuana in Oklahoma


Bussett said Ng moved to Delaware County last year from California and borrowed money from friends and family to create a cannabis growing business. Ng, according to Bussett, “expected that it would take two years to set up his business, obtain residency and build out his facility before he became licensed and began planting and cultivating medical marijuana plants.”

He later leased a 10-acre chicken farm in Delaware County for five years and reported investments of more than $1 million, including for two mobile homes, a warehouse, eight greenhouses, fencing and other security measures.

The petition claims that Jones Brown representatives wrongly told Ng during meetings that he did not need to wait two years before he could apply for a grow license because Windler “could act as a consultant and stand in as the lawful Oklahoma resident to meet the residency requirement.”

After being told the arrangement did not mean Windler would have the power to…

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