Can you Become a Great Investor? Daniel Calugar Weighs in » Scammer News


The iconic investor is a rock star in the financial world. Many people wonder if there is anything they need to make a successful investment. On the article Daniel CalgerBeing an experienced investor, emphasizes some of the personality traits of a great investor. He discusses patience, risk tolerance, thinking for himself, and common traps and mistakes to avoid.

Investor Halls of Fame include Bill Miller, Benjamin Graham, Carl Icahn and Peter Lynch. These investment icons are notable, not because they have accumulated personal wealth. Instead, they have contributed to a valuable investment philosophy for others to learn.

Bill Miller, for example, has spread the idea that any stock can be a value stock if it trades at a discount on intrinsic value. Benjamin Graham Value investing.. Carl Icahn has built a reputation as a “corporate intruder” after perfecting the technology for hostile takeovers. And as an investor,…

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